Visiting Mawarra: An Edna Walling Garden

As you may have gathered in past posts, I am a keen gardener and for me, the mix of nature and gardens is just perfect. Last year I learnt about Edna Walling, who was a well known garden designer here in Australia during the 1920s-1940s but she was also a photographer and an author, writing for magazines and also writing books. I felt I’d found I kindred spirit and now have 3 books by or about Edna and have been happily finding out all I can. So, to have been invited to visit one of her most well-known gardens was an absolute joy and privilege and I wandered around the garden with my camera, in absolute heaven. Hope you enjoy these images and you can find more here.  Mawarra is in Sherbrooke, Victoria and you can choose to stay at the guest house and enjoy this beautiful garden.

Visiting Mawarra: An Edna Walling Garden

Visiting Mawarra: An Edna Walling Garden

Visiting Mawarra: An Edna Walling Garden

Visiting Mawarra: An Edna Walling Garden

While at this garden walk I met with Chris who provides wonderful art deco style outdoor furniture. If you’re wanting to decorate your garden you might also like to visit his site to explore.

Kookaburra in the garden

This gorgeous bird and two companions were keeping watch in our garden this afternoon.  Love the kookaburras, such beautiful looking birds.


Don’t forget that we have our nature photography workshop near the end of next month! Bookings are still open but places are limited and there’s only a few spots left.

Kookaburra on our fence

I mentioned yesterday about the kookaburra in our neighbour’s yard. This one was in our front garden, on our fence.  They love to watch for worms on the ground. I wonder how they can actually see them. It’s really amazing. When the weather gets warmer they’ll also be on the look out for skinks and other lizards, even snakes.

Australian Laughing Kookaburra

Australian Laughing Kookaburra

Hardenbergia – The Happy Wanderer

A friend of mine posted a photo of this on Facebook and I asked him questions about the plant. Thought it so pretty. So I went in search of it to buy. Apparently you can get it in white as well, and I’ve since seen it in places near home, growing along fences. You can allow it to grow prostrate too, which is what I’ll do. It is sometimes called the Happy Wanderer. These flower winter to early spring and are very pretty.


The colour white

Everywhere you look in our garden at the moment, there is the colour white. Don’t know if this was by design of the previous owners of our home, or by accident.

Our plum tree is going to burst into blossom very soon. We’ve been watching it every day as we open our bedroom curtains. At first it looked like little bright lights all over the tree but now they’re softening and gaining colour.

Plum tree about to blossom

I planted lots of bulbs last year and now Snowbells are popping up here and there.


The daisy bush seems to be in flower nearly all the time.

229-366 White Daisies

And these are actually very tiny, around the size of a small coin. They pop up in the lawn reminding Graham it’s time to mow, but the ground is too sodden for him to take out his mower yet.

White Daisy

Don’t know what these are called, maybe someone can let me know? The bush is quite large.

228-366 Small white flower

Star Magnolia. I had to search online to find it. The flowers are unusual, not like a regular magnolia, but the tree is bare except for flowering buds just like other magnolia trees I’ve seen.

White flowering tree