Water at the botanical gardens

There are several water features at the botanical gardens in Cranbourne and they’re artistic and beautiful to view.

A visit to the Cranbourne Botanical Gardens

I don’t go to this place nearly often enough. Situated in Cranbourne, just off the freeway, this botanical gardens has both natural bushland and formal Australian gardens. A lovely place to visit if you’re wanting to see what a bush, flower or tree might look like before you plant it in your own garden. Or just enjoy a lovely day visit there. It has a cafe, information centre, guides, even a small train to give you a tour.

This is the flower of a Kangaroo Paw.

A New Holland Honeyeater enjoying the nectar of the Kangaroo Paw.

Birds at Cranbourne Botanical Gardens

At last we get to the birds. I’m told there are 178 species at the gardens and counting but I only had a limited time and not the best light to capture images of all those I did see. So here are a few I saw during my visit there.

Sacred (Australian white) ibis flying overhead. We also saw a much larger flock but they were very high and a further distance away.
Visit to Cranbourne Botanical Gardens

Blue (male) Superior Fairy-wren who literally came to my feet but I had a long lens on so had to stick with images of him a bit further away from me.
Visit to Cranbourne Botanical Gardens

Wood swallow. I hadn’t seen one of these before.
Visit to Cranbourne Botanical Gardens

New Holland Honeyeater. There were lots of these in the formal gardens.
Visit to Cranbourne Botanical Gardens

We also saw swallows, kookaburras, a variety of honeyeaters and other small birds in the bushland area. Couldn’t capture decent pictures of them all, this time round.

Butterflies at Cranbourne Botanical Gardens

While exploring these gardens I saw a beautiful butterfly I’d not seen before, so welcome any comments about what the name might be 🙂 I thought it was gorgeous and beautifully marked and coloured, don’t you?

Visit to Cranbourne Botanical Gardens

Visit to Cranbourne Botanical Gardens

And then I saw this Painted Lady which is a fairly common species here in Australia but still lovely to look at. It had made itself at home on the paper daisy. I love its furry look on its body.

Visit to Cranbourne Botanical Gardens

Holiday Season – another garden

I’m actually going to take you away from the Dandenong Ranges (shock! horror!) and encourage you to head south to the Cranbourne Botanical Gardens.  My husband I visited there for the first time last March, with my husband’s mate Dave. Dave had told us about these gardens and we thought we’d pay a visit.

It was still getting work done when we visited so I expect a lot more is on offer to view now. But we did love our visit and it’s probably time we went back again. Some had been created to look like the arid red desert lands in the middle of our country, other spots created to look like other parts of our country. And if you look hard enough you might even find a Koala and a Bandicoot – we did!

Cranbourne Botanical Gardens

A walking path at Cranbourne Botanical Gardens


Bandicoot at Cranbourne Botanical Gardens

Koala climbing tree