While exploring these gardens I saw a beautiful butterfly I’d not seen before, so welcome any comments about what the name might be 🙂 I thought it was gorgeous and beautifully marked and coloured, don’t you?

Visit to Cranbourne Botanical Gardens

Visit to Cranbourne Botanical Gardens

And then I saw this Painted Lady which is a fairly common species here in Australia but still lovely to look at. It had made itself at home on the paper daisy. I love its furry look on its body.

Visit to Cranbourne Botanical Gardens

3 thoughts on “Butterflies at Cranbourne Botanical Gardens

  1. Hi Kathie, I saw one of these beauties yesterday in my garden , also took a few photos (macro) of it.
    They are called “Sword-grass Brown”
    Love your photos, cheers M-L

  2. Gee thanks Marie-Louise. I’ve got a friend who knows butterflies but he’s away at the moment. They are pretty.

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