Sharing a love of postcards

I have been writing blogposts but not in my usual category. I’ve created a new one called Postcards and it is linked in the menu of my site.  So it won’t be going out through my normal email feed.

For almost a year now I’ve been a member of and enjoying receiving postcards from all over the world, as well as sending them. I’m teaching others about our country and I’m learning lots about other countries.  If you’re interested in seeing the cards I’ve received, and some that I’ve sent, why not check out that menu item Postcards to see. Make sure you pop back now and then. I have a year’s worth (almost) of cards to pop up on the site and it’s going to take me awhile to get them up there, then I’ll have to keep it updated.

In the meantime, here is one I’ve sent overseas to a small number of people. A very iconic image from our area, don’t you think?


Puffing Billy Race 2015

It’s becoming an annual thing for me now, to photograph the Puffing Billy Race in May, here in Selby close to home. Last year I went to the Menzies Creek crossing and had to handle an umbrella while taking shots too, but this time round the weather was just perfect with a slight breeze and blue skies and fluffy clouds. So my husband, a colleague and I set up near the Trestle Bridge to watch the runners and the trains (two of them) pass by at the start of the race. Over 3,000 runners in this year’s event and the winner, Steve Kelly, beat the train, coming in at 42:47 mins. I believe the train was around 52 mins.  Always great to watch those who get involved.  Here are just a few shots from the race.

The first pack to come through.
Puffing Billy Race 2015

The first train comes through.
Puffing Billy Race 2015

Great to see the runners enjoying themselves.
Puffing Billy Race 2015

The second train after all the runners had passed through.
Puffing Billy Race 2015

More images can be seen here.

In the likeness of Ansel Adams

Some of you may know that I’ve been doing a diploma course in photography.  I’ve been learning about all sorts of genres and it has taken me out of my comfort zone, but that was to be expected. Some of it I’ve enjoyed more than other parts but, all the same, I’m getting through the course and learning a great deal.

Recently we had to pick our favourite B&W photographer and have a go at doing photography like them. We were given a list of names and I chose Ansel Adams. I’ve come across his work in the past when doing research on photography and I like his work. So I was quite pleased with the results of this part of the course.  We had to choose a location we liked and the subject was a ‘Sense of Place’. I chose the Trestle Bridge near home which the Puffing Billy travels on.  We had to do landscape, portrait and close up.

A study of the Puffing Billy Trestle Bridge

A study of the Puffing Billy Trestle Bridge

A study of the Puffing Billy Trestle Bridge

If you’ve been thinking about the Steve Parish Nature Photography Workshop being held in Belgrave Heights next month, don’t leave it much longer. Bookings will be closing very soon.

The Puffing Billy

Some of you will know that I live not far from the Puffing Billy line. I love to go watch the train. My husband is a steam train enthusiast and while he admires their engineering and structure, and even the smell, I get to enjoy the visual from the rising steam and the train in action. We can enjoy the very same thing but for different reasons.

We’ve been enjoying particularly lovely sunny days here lately, although very, very cold. I knew that I should get some good views of the train and had never ventured to the top of the Trestle Bridge before to take shots, so went down there last weekend for that very reason.

Because the sun was so bright I was unable to view the images on my LCD screen properly and had to wait till I got home to view them on the computer. I am reasonably happy with what I got.  Might try again another day, at a different time of the day.

Puffing Billy on the trestle bridge

Puffing Billy in the midday sun

This last one is at the crossing near home. It has new gates, lights, and fencing which makes it more difficult to get the shots I used to get here, but they’re still reasonable.

Puffing Billy at Selby Crossing

Puffing Billy Great Train Race

Were you there yesterday? At the race in the Dandenongs?

If you were, I have a number of shots of people passing under the Trestle Bridge as the train was passing over at my Facebook page. Here are some to whet your appetite. If you are one in one of these photos feel free to contact me to get a larger copy for yourself.

The race is on!

I later found out who the winners were and looked back through my photos to find I did capture them both as they passed by me.

Winners Steve Kelly and Sarah Klein show their stuff below:

Steve Kelly shows his stuff

Steve Kelly takes the lead from the start.

Lisa Klein out in front

Sarah Klein out in front