Some of you will know that I live not far from the Puffing Billy line. I love to go watch the train. My husband is a steam train enthusiast and while he admires their engineering and structure, and even the smell, I get to enjoy the visual from the rising steam and the train in action. We can enjoy the very same thing but for different reasons.

We’ve been enjoying particularly lovely sunny days here lately, although very, very cold. I knew that I should get some good views of the train and had never ventured to the top of the Trestle Bridge before to take shots, so went down there last weekend for that very reason.

Because the sun was so bright I was unable to view the images on my LCD screen properly and had to wait till I got home to view them on the computer. I am reasonably happy with what I got.  Might try again another day, at a different time of the day.

Puffing Billy on the trestle bridge

Puffing Billy in the midday sun

This last one is at the crossing near home. It has new gates, lights, and fencing which makes it more difficult to get the shots I used to get here, but they’re still reasonable.

Puffing Billy at Selby Crossing

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