And more birds from Lilydale Lake Park

And here are some more, a couple of water birds and a tiny wren.

Superb fairy-wren. Think this was a male.

White-faced Grey Heron. It watched me carefully, trying to weigh up whether to fly off or continue foraging. I moved away and left it in peace after I got a couple of shots.

Female Darter bird.

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Little fairies dancing on my lawn

Actually they were Superb Fairy-wrens (also known as Superior Fairy-wren). A whole family of them darting here and there, and enjoying the sunshine in the crisp cool air, a sunny winter’s morning.  Dad was around in his bright blue plumage but I couldn’t get him and two juniors were turning the blue colour too. However, these were the only co-operative ones that I could get shots of. Aren’t they cute?

Superior Fairy-wren

Superior Fairy-wren

Superior Fairy-wren

Superb Fairy-wrens at Lysterfield Park

I was fortunate to get quite close to a couple of wrens at the park. This hasn’t been my usual experience so I was quite excited about it. The first is a female who was on the ground calling.  Love their sweet sound.

The second is an immature male who flew into a tree as I came near him on a path I was walking.

Female Superb Fairy-wren

Immature male fairy-wren

Superb Fairy-wren

The male of this species is coloured a very bright blue during mating season which is late winter-Spring. The females are brown and the young are also brown but often with mottled colouring and blue/black tails. They have an interesting and cute (I think) call sound.

While I was in the garden a couple of weekends ago I noticed a family of wrens had come out to play. The birdbath was full from the recent rain and so some decided to have a bath too.

Male Superior Fairy-wren

Fairy wren on birdbath

Superior Fairy-wrens enjoying birdbath