Early morning walk with the ducks

Visited Birdsland Reserve yesterday with some fellow photographers and love being there early morning, as the sun is rising and everything is fresh and new.

Just Ducky

Some interesting duck images I got recently at Birdsland Reserve.

Pacific Black Duck

I could hear these long before I could see them. Wood ducks all lined up on a dead tree. By the time I got to be closer, only a couple of minutes later, they’d all dropped to the ground.

Australian Wood Duck

On Golden Pond

On Golden Lake

More to see at the lake

Here are just a few more images from the lake last week.

I’ve got my eye on you!

I'm watching you

Duck trails

Duck trails

Would love to get a close up of this bird. Maybe one day. It’s a Musk Duck. There are two of them currently at the lake. Hope that means some young ones too!

Musk duck

Ducks at the Arboretum

Neville Arboretum has a lake that you can walk around. I noticed a white duck for the first time – hadn’t seen it there before. It certainly stood out, both in colour and size, being considerably larger than the other ducks there.

I believe this is a domestic duck so do not know how it came to be at this park. Perhaps its home was nearby.
White duck

Pacific Black Duck

Wet landing

It’s always fun trying to get these shots and the ducks gave us a few opportunities.