Would you like your garden photographed?

_D718031I’m taking bookings for gardens, particularly in the Dandenong Ranges region, but any area in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne is fine.  A keen gardener myself, I would delight in photographing your garden and producing images you can keep in print format or digital. Why not have a photo book of your garden? Here are some reasons why a garden might be photographed:

  • You’re moving and want to take the memories with you
  • A loved one has passed on and you want to keep something of their life with you
  • You want to send the photos to someone interstate or overseas
  • A gift for an elderly person no longer able to work in their own garden
  • If you manage a B&B you might want books to give to guests to take away with them
  • There could be any number of reasons.

Contact me today to discuss what you would like.

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