Still at Alfred Nicholas Gardens we read about the magnificent old disused home on the property.  It is called Burnham Beeches and was originally built to resemble an ocean liner. It is three stories high and each of the second and third stories have balconies almost all the way around the building.  It was built in the late 1920s and early 1930s.  You can read the story here of how and why the house was built.  It has been occupied on and off after the Nicholas family had moved out of it but it is currently empty and looking in a state of disrepair. It is closed with a sign saying it is being rebuilt and renovated. I hope so, it’s a grand looking building.

Below is the stairway that leads from the house to the gardens below.

Visit to Alfred Nicholas Gardens

Visit to Alfred Nicholas Gardens

3 thoughts on “Burnham Beeches

  1. as you can see by my name,i worked in the Restaurant called burnham beeches,which was then owned or run by John and Penny Guy,they employed me as a kitchen hand ,and I did the best of my ability to keep their kitchen tip top,and if they are around I bet they will vouche for that,they were lovely people,and all the staff were always kind and polite to me.Oh I forgot to Mention,that I was the first kitchen hand employed part time,for John and Penny Guy The ay they opened,we have had some top People come and dine at Burnham Beeches, John and penny were trying to get a Chateu Relli,and I was asked to clean the kitchen ,which I did with the best of my ability and cleaned from top to bottom,because I wanted them to get that,i don’t know if they did,i am sure they would have,because they were fantastic two people I had ever worked for.but sadly he was selling or was moving I think to Tasmania.i would love to meet them again,even if it is to just shake hands and say thankyou.

    1. I worked for John and Penny Guy at their Hollington House Hotel in Woolton Hill, Newbury, UK. Nice people indeed. They did get their desired Chateaux & Reillas (spelling?) award for Burnham Beeches. They sold up, moved to UK and opened an amazing country guest house. Won many awards for being one of the best country guest houses in the UK. I worked there 1997/98. They fold up I think in 98/99. Don’t know where they went after that.

      1. Hollington House was sold in 2000, John & Penny returned to Melbourne in the August same year where they can still be found. Both John & Penny are doing really well.

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