I was wandering around my neighbour’s yard and noticed a bird flitting around inside her hot house.  It has the door permanently open these days so the bird wasn’t trapped, but just was inside.  When I got closer I could see it was a bird I’d not captured with my camera before and I was delighted. It’s actually quite a small bird but I was delighted to get reasonable closeups of it.

According to BirdsinBackyards.net:

The White-browed Scrubwren is the most common and widespread of Australia’s five species of scrubwren. Its range extends from northern Queensland, in a broad coastal band through South Australia to the mid Western Australian coast, and Tasmania.
The White-browed Scrubwren lives in rainforest, open forest, woodland and heaths. It is usually seen in pairs, low down in the thick vegetation.

Whitebrowed Scrubwren

Whitebrowed Scrubwren

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