I went to Lilydale Lake the other day and had a wander around the lake. Had a huge white bird fly over my head from behind me. Wish I knew it was coming otherwise I would have been ready to take shots but I didn’t. 🙁 Was looking the other way.  Below is a Darter bird, sometimes referred to as a Snake bird because of the way it snakes its head around on its long neck.  They do dive under water but then hold their wings out to dry as you can see below.  I hadn’t realised quite how big they were until I was able to get these close up shots taken between some bushes. The bird was aware I was there but was fairly well hidden away in a small inlet of water and bushes. Most people walking on the nearby path wouldn’t have noticed it. It was only because I saw the pale colour amongst the trees and went for closer inspection.

Darter Bird

355-366 Darter Bird

Darter Bird

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