has updated its system and is now offering Pro members unlimited space for uploading their full resolution images.

Love that they’re giving us extra space – I’ll certainly use it as I have over 8,000 images uploaded there now.  However, I doubt, very much, that I will upload full resolution images there as they’re suggesting.  Too easy for people to download and use them.  I always upload low resolution with a watermark. I know these can be removed but it is nuisance value for those who are determined plus the low resolution isn’t suitable for printing.

I love using Flickr, through, as it’s a great way to host my images and I can use them on my blogs, websites and elsewhere.  It has a great search tool, providing you have used the key-wording facility, and you can save your photos into many categories and sets.  So I can go direct to a set, or do a key-word search, to find a particular image. Makes them so easy to find and so quick too.

If you’re a user of Flickr, what do you think of the new look? I find it a ‘bit in my face’ at the moment, all those large images, but guess I’ll get used to seeing it.  This is what it looks like currently (till I upload more photos).


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