It’s been colder, wet and windy, and I don’t get out to walk every day. I run a full time business and sometimes I have to go to morning meetings, or have a client visit. And if I don’t get out to walk in the morning it’s highly unlikely I’ll find time later in the day.  Which is frustrating when we do have nice days.

Recently I was there and decided to sit on one of the benches. I was rugged up to keep warm and had woollen gloves on too. Which meant having to remove one when I wanted to use my camera but it was worth the effort.

It was also worth sitting and waiting. I’d discovered a white faced grey heron only a couple of days before in another part of the reserve, not where there are walking paths and I couldn’t get close enough for a decent shot. As I left that morning I heard it calling and saw it winging its way over the main lake and off to the trees. And I had not been prepared! But this next time I heard it I was, and discovered there were two of them!

There are two in this shot if you look closely enough.
White faced heron

Wishing I had a 500mm lens for an even closer view – they were high up in the sky.
White faced heron

Another bird I’d seen several times but hadn’t been able to get a good shot of, finally gave me that opportunity the same week. The Brown Thornbill.
Brown Thornbill

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