Hi, have you missed me? I have been around, mostly at Facebook, and life before Christmas was incredibly crazy. But I don’t stop taking photos almost every day of my life.  A great way of improving my skills, getting to know my camera well and seeing things in a way that I might not have, had I not been using my camera.

Does that describe what you’d like to achieve?  Have you heard of Project 365?  In 2010 and 2011 I did Project 365 via a photography forum and also Flickr, choosing to take a photo a day for a whole year, twice over.  This really did improve my skills and my knowledge of my camera. While I would not consider myself an expert by any means I do believe that I’m a lot more proficient than those who only use their cameras now and then.  Doing this two years in a row actually got me quite addicted to taking photos regularly and my camera travels with me everywhere now.

If you would like to improve your skills too, I’d like to encourage you to consider joining a group I started for this year.  It’s called the 2014 365 Photo Project. Currently we have 31 members but there’s room for a lot more growth in the group. The object of the group is for each member to post one photo a day to share with the group, so as to encourage them to practice regularly. Some can’t do it daily, and that’s ok, some have chosen to do a compilation of the week once a week instead. Whatever suits you, I invite you to share with us your photo a day, whether with a regular camera or your phone camera.  I guarantee at the end of this year your skills with your chosen tool will have improved a great deal 🙂  Why not join us today?  By the way, if you don’t want to post photos but would like to see what others are posting, feel free to join us still.  Leaving comments to encourage others would be a good thing to do.


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