July 2014 I was introduced to Postcrossing.net.  I am a keen gardener, as well as a photographer, and learnt that a fellow gardener was into postcards in a big way. So much so, that she belonged to a postcard swapping site – Postcrossing.  postcardsShe showed some of the postcards she’d just received that week, from all over the world and immediately I was hooked. This was an opportunity for me to send my own photos all over the world, and also received photos on cards from many countries. I visited Vistaprint and designed two different types of postcards with my own photos and bought multiple copies. I then signed up at Postcrossing and sent out my first cards.  I now design my cards through Moo.com and am working to improve on how I design them.  The next thing I did was purchase a postcard album to keep my cards in.

If you’re in Australia and would love to chat about Postcrossing I have a Facebook group set up and would love to see you there.  If you’re in another country there are other Facebook groups you can join or you can join the chat forum at Postcrossing for your country.

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