I’ve recently begun walking through Birdsland Reserve on a regular basis. I still love going to Lysterfield Park, but Birdsland is closer, flatter, and I’m able to walk a longer distance in a shorter time as a result.

When I was there last Friday I noticed signs hanging in some of the trees, and while on my way back from a 5.2km walk, I had groups of runners passing me.  I later found out that Oxfam was holding a 48 hour 100km walk/run through the area and Friday was day 1. So the first few of the teams of 4 had passed me. Below is an image of the trail marker, one of the teams of 4 (their singlet tops got my attention) and an image of one of the pathways they would have ran along.

Oxfam marker

The line finishes here!

Birdsland Reserve

Oxfam is about raising funds to overcome poverty and injustice around the world. If you’d like to know more, you can visit their Trailwalker site here.

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