I went for a walk on Saturday with my husband around the lake at the park. It’s a total of 5.5km and was a lovely surprise as I wasn’t sure if he’d be up to it. It was a cold but sunny and clear winter’s day – just great for walking in the sunlight.

Saw a few things I’d not seen before, and in particular, a couple of kangaroos mating.  In all the times I’ve walked around the park, I’ve never witnessed this event, although it’s evident it happens due to the number of young roos we see at the park.  It was funny, perhaps timely, that we should see this, as we’d been watching a program on the Taronga Zoo (Sydney) only the previous night, about the challenges the staff go through in introducing different animals to their mates and getting them to reproduce. I do have a couple of video clips too but they’re very shaky – I rarely carry a tripod with me and didn’t have anything to lean on where I was standing to witness this event.

Eastern Grey Male Kangaroo
Just finished inching his way up her back and ready to mount.


Kangaroos in the act of mating

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