Had a stall at the most recent Kallista Market here in the Ranges. Had forgotten how much I enjoy being involved in a market! I use it as networking time, getting to know local business owners but also the local community and visitors to our community. 

During my time there I met photographers and told them about my photography club ‘Hills Photographic Society‘ – hope we’ll see them coming to meetings soon. Met keen gardeners and told them about the Facebook group I run ‘Aussie Garden Lovers‘ and then met people who either live here, or want to live here who didn’t know about our local community Facebook group ‘The Hills and Dandenongs‘. I also met people who knew people I know and others who’d seen my photos on the H&D FB group but had never met me before. All in all, a wonderful few hours and the rain held out till most of us were packed to go back home.

It was also a very successful morning for me where I sold many calendars, some shopping bags, packs of playing cards, greeting and Christmas cards, a mouse-pad and pillow slip. One of the most successful market mornings I’ve had – think I must get into doing this again regularly! Hope to see many of you next month at Kallista!

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