Had the most amazing experience a couple of days ago.

A beautiful juvenile Gang Gang Cockatoo landed in one of our gum trees, noisily as they do, so I moved slowly closer to the tree, taking photos and chatting to it. Then it flew past me and I thought it was going to a fence nearby. But no, it landed on the bird bath nearby and made noises to me, as though asking for water.

I told it I would get some straight away, put my camera down and raced back to one of our water tanks and picked up a watering can and filled it. I then came back but couldn’t see him and thought he’d one. He hadn’t! He was down low in the birdbath drinking what water was there. He flew up to a tree nearby as I approached and then I began to pour the water (I chatted to him the whole time) and then he came back and actually sat on the bird bath next to me as I filled it with water. Wish I’d had a third hand so I could have pulled out my phone to take a photo of him and the water filling at the same time! Or that my husband was out with me to get a shot of it. Was such a beautiful, wonderful and amazing moment. He was a chatterbox, just like me! Kindred spirits perhaps.

I’ll make sure the birdbath is filled more regularly – it’s in our back paddock. Master Gang Gang had a brother in a tree nearby watching over us all that time. Such an amazing experience. Love living here in Selby!

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