I love taking photos of mushrooms but have no idea what most of them are.  And trying to identify them is a challenge if you can’t find a site online that helps you do this. I look at Google images and then click on images that are similar to the ones I’ve taken, in the hope that I’ll find out more about that mushroom, or toadstool. But it’s pretty hit and miss.

I’ve searched for discussion groups, forums and even Facebook groups but have found little that relates to fungi found in Australia. So, I decided to start a group up at Facebook called ‘Mushrooms of Australia‘ and hope that you, my reader, will be interested in joining it, or might know others who would like to.  Keen to have amateurs and professionals in the group – people sharing images of fungi they’re found and others who are willing to share their knowledge. Would be a good way for many of us to learn as well as enjoy the nature we find around us.

Below are images of a couple of different types of mushrooms we currently have growing in our garden.

By the way!  Don’t forget we have the Steve Parish Nature Photography Workshop happening in Victoria on 20/21 September 2014. Hope to see you there!

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