Ever thought about building a pond for your garden? We’ve done it several times – every home I’ve owned, has had a pond. And each one is better than the last one. We recently built one for the home we own in Selby, Victoria. This is by far the best pond we’ve ever had. Not the biggest, but definitely the best.  It has gone from this: Selbypond (1)

to this:

Selbypond (10)

to this:

Selbypond (34)

in less than six weeks. It wasn’t without its challenges. My husband and son-in-law began the dig after clearing all the weeds, only to come across clay pipes and we thought we might have to re-think our plans. But a call to the previous owner of the home (we’ve lived here just over 4 years) soon assured us the clay pipes were no longer in use. So we could dig them up.  In one day the hole was dug and leveled off. In the second day the liner was laid, the rocks were collected from the paddock of our property and laid around the edging.  Our son-in-law meticulously laid the rocks side by side, fitting them together, and overlaying them, to ensure they fit properly, placing dirt around some of them. Then the pond was filled with water and plants planted in the rockery above and around the pond. Then fish were added.

Now, just over 5 weeks later, with many more plants added in the water and in the rockery, the pond looks like it’s been there for a long time.

Would you like to see all the steps? Then click here.  Tip: Click on the first image and then scroll through each one for larger viewing.

One thought on “How to build a pond

  1. It’s a lovely pond. No wonder you are so pleased with it. The plants are well chosen and the water lilies are beautiful. Is the owl there to scare away the fishing birds?

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