Since returning from my holiday in January this year, life has been full on and very, very busy. I’ve had little time to blog although I have been taking photos still, but not every day. Must be the first year in the past 4 years when I haven’t been outside every day taking photos.

However, am resolving to get back into a regular routine now.  If you love Australian birds I have set up a Facebook group called Birds of Australia and I invite you to join us there, particularly if you’d like to share your own photos, but even just to comment on the photos posted there.

In the meantime, I’d like to share with you some photos of birds I saw yesterday, while walking around Lysterfield Lake on a glorious Autumn Morning.

Top left: White-faced Heron, top right: Grey Shrike-Thrush
Bottom left: Golden Whistler, bottom right: Brown Thornbill

4 Birds at Lysterfield Lake

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