I’ve been updating the site, as you might be aware, and changing some of my systems. I’ve been going through a real learning curve with the new theme (courtesy of StudioPress Themes) and using the mail service at MailChimp so that I have all my blog and newsletter services in the one place, rather than multiple places. I recognise some might prefer to read the posts via RSS or even at my Facebook page.  I chose this new theme because it is mobile responsive and you should be able to view it easily on your smart phone, ipad or tablet. Except, perhaps the banner on the home page and the changing images as they are both wider than the screens will be. But the rest should view fine.

I’d love to hear from you as to what works best for you in the delivery of blog posts or even your thoughts on the new look layout of my site. This site began as a photo blog and then morphed into a website so has gone through a few changes over the years.  With over 1260 posts to this blog, the first dated 1st January 2009, I’ve certainly had a few photos to share.  And I’ve grown and developed during that time too.

My post popular post was this one: https://dandenong-ranges-photography.com.au/a-photography-walk-goes-wrong/ It got the most views and comments.  If you haven’t read that post, I encourage you to. It outlines a walk I took that ended with me going into hospital for just over a week, and right before Christmas 2011. Not what I had planned at all!

Most viewed images at Flickr is this one:
Eastern Grey Male Kangaroo

although the one most commented on at Flickr was this one:
166-365 T'was a foggy morning

One thing I have found to be a mystery are those people who haven’t claimed prizes when they’ve gone into a draw for one. Either here at my blog or at my Facebook Page. I wonder why that is?  Are they not reading the posts which announced them as the winner or was it something else?  I would love to gift the people who have won prizes.

I look forward to hearing from you, my readers, here at this blog with your thoughts and commentaries relating to the posts I publish here.  Thank you.


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