Many of you would know that my husband and I shifted to the Dandenong Ranges nearly 4 years ago.  From suburbia to a hills community and a 2 acre property. Bliss!  Yes, it’s more work looking after a larger property but the gardens were quite well established and nothing had to be done to the house.  We’ve been putting our mark on the gardens and adding in more plants, bushes and some trees, statues and other things. Such as a chicken pen. We got 6 chickens late February and they’ve certainly grown and 3 are now producing eggs daily and a fourth, occasionally. The other two are yet to lay.

But trying to get them to stay still long enough… or should I say that I need to learn how to be quick enough? Here are a couple of our girls.

Rocky is a Plymouth Rock and the largest of our girls, but one of the youngest too. Hasn’t begun laying yet.
Our chickens are growing

Ruby is a Rhode Island Red and has her comb now and is laying. This was a few days after we got her and she would have been around 12 or so weeks old.
Our new pets at home

These Sussex I saw while out on a photo shoot with a client. I couldn’t resist getting shots of them on the property.


Now I have chickens myself it seems I have a lot more interest in them 🙂

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