I was hoping to have photos of the Dawn Service but when my husband and I arrived, there was no way we could get anywhere near the front and we had to content ourselves with hearing what was being said and seeing the backs of heads, many rows ahead of us. So different to two years ago when we attended our first Dawn Service in Emerald, the day before my husband had his serious accident.

However, we did retrace our steps from two years previous, and visited the Alfred Nicholas Gardens and also Bourke’s Lookout. This time round the day wasn’t as crisp and clear as it was two years ago. We had a cloud cover, the sun only peeping through now and then.  And due to a late Summer and what seems like an early onset of Winter we’ve not had much of an Autumn yet.

Remember this image from two years ago?

Autumn at Alfred Nicholas Gardens

Well, this is the same bench seat and tree but it looked very different on Thursday of this week.  Less leaves and different colours.

Visit to Alfred Nicholas Gardens

Definitely not as golden but I guess the lack of sun makes the colour a bit different.

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