Winter still has colour and beauty

I’ve been wondering around our garden in the cool, almost frost air this past week. We’ve had rain, but some sunshine too. Wind and very cold. There’s no doubt we’re in the middle of winter here in Victoria, Australia. But, for all that, we’ve got beauty and it’s not all drab and bare trees. Our camelia bushes are in flower and we have three, a pale pink, varigated pink and white, and a dark pink. One sits outside our office, another outside our kitchen window and the third by Graham’s hamshack window (really just another room in the house). I love to watch the birds playing in the bushes. Below you can see the one outside our kitchen window. It’s huge and really is the size of a tree. It still has tons of buds waiting to open.

Camelia Bush - Tree

Dark pink camelia

Pink Camelia


  1. WOW! Seems to be my favorite word each time I look at these images. WOW

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