Wilson Botanical Park

I went to a ‘new’ park late last week with a friend from the Bird Forum that I belonged to. I had no idea this park existed. Unlike Lysterfield, the park is very much a designer park with lawns and man made lakes and paths. It also has a bird hide. It is really lovely to walk around and is obviously a popular place for the locals to visit. Below are some of the ‘native locals’ I viewed while there. Check out the feet of the Eurasian Coot!

Baby Grebe

Baby Grebe

A couple of ducklings

Cute ducklings

Eurasian Coot. I actually went with my friend to see the baby coots but they were nowhere in site.

Eurasian Coot


  1. Elaine Campbell says:

    Hi Kathie,

    I miss being able to tweet your beautiful photos. How come no twitter send icon?

  2. What a wonderful place to find! Love the birds.

  3. These are just some wonderful shots, absolutely one of my favorite. It is spectacular!! By the way, you really need a “like” button. Sometimes I don’t have a particular comment, but I really want to indicate that I was here and liked the shot 🙂

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