What has caught their attention?

A discussion on the APF forum I belong to was about what was holding the attention of these kookaburras?  Usually when there are a number together they are looking in different directions for food but not all in the same direction and not usually up either.

There was the most gorgeous sunrise yesterday and I spied these three all looking towards the sun as it rose. You can see the glint on the trees in the background.  But would birds watch a sunrise? What do you suppose they were all watching?


  1. Wonderful photograph!
    Something to be said for being in the right place at the right time.
    I wonder if there was some noise that had startled them into looking in the same direction? Did they maintain that pose for long? Or did they go back to their normal behavior quickly?

  2. They actually stayed that way for quite awhile Joan. But definitely not something I’d seen before.

  3. That’s fascinating. Maybe they do enjoy a sunrise. Sounds like to have an assignment to test that hypothesis. 🙂

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