Visited the zoo today

It’s spring in Melbourne, Australia and the weather is beginning to improve. We’ve had a very wet winter and I think most people are looking forward to more sunshine. We can’t even mow our lawns because the ground is too sodden and the ride-on mower would sink within a couple of minutes of being on the lawns. The rosellas and parrots are loving all the long grass and grass seeds!

Anyway, decided it was time to take a trip to the zoo again, as I haven’t been there in ages. The Melbourne Zoo really is worth a visit if you ever are in or near the city of Melbourne.  The grounds inside the area are beautiful with lots of picnic areas, plant life, bushes, trees, like a forest in different places. The enclosures for the animals have been created to look like their natural habitat. And it’s lovely to see the animals behaving as you might see them out in the wild.

I’ll be posting pics here very soon of my visit – as soon as I get to process them all. There were quite a few of them!  Here’s one of a Koala to whet your appetite!  An iconic Australian mammal, it seems to spend daylight hours sleeping so you don’t often see them awake when visiting the zoo or other sanctuaries. But I did get shots of this one climbing down the tree and I will share them later.


  1. What gorgeously soft fur ! enhanced by the solid blue sky background. Probably just me, but the ear-tufts remind me of an adorable absent-minded uncle !

  2. Beautiful photo, Kathy. Thanks for the mini-tour; I hope I can see it in person someday.

  3. They just look so cuddly!

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