The steam train comes in

Not long after we had our lunch, the first of the steam trains came rolling in. A big black steam engine.  Note how people love to sit in the carriages behind – with their legs hanging out. A popular thing for young people.

C42 rolling into the station

The train stayed in the station for about 20 mins, waiting for the other train to come from the opposite direction (it’s a single track line most of the way) and so tourists and other interested parties were welcome to view the steam engine and talk to the drivers.

Long view of the engine

Tourists viewing the steam engine


  1. I love trains, they are so romantic!

  2. What a cool looking train. I need to do some more train photography!

    • Kathie Thomas says:

      Thanks for popping by Larry. There is a green engine and a red one too – different shapes. I like the green one best and you’ll find shots of it on this blog if you have a look around.

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