The Golden Hour

I’ve had a fascination for the ‘golden hour’ recently and have taken some shots at the local lake park during that special time at sunrise or sunset.  But during the week I was on my way to a business breakfast in a local suburb and while in the cafe paying for my breakfast noticed the sun out of the window, making its way into the sky. Wish I could have gotten a shot as it was climbing over the hill but I was at the counter and it took time to get my camera out, and get outside. But I did get these two shots and it goes to show you don’t have to be out in a ‘scenic’ location to get a shot of that Golden Hour.

Just outside the cafe looking across the road towards the hills.

Sun rising in Scoresby

I walked to the corner outside the cafe to get this shot at the junction.  And yes, it was early, around 7am.

95-366 Sun rising in Scoresby


  1. Your photos are lovely! I like taking photos during the golden hour because there is a natural drama to the scene I am taking a shot of. Shadows fall on a perfect angle and shades creatively form.

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