Birds at Lilydale Lake Park

Recently visited Lilydale Lake Park and there were quite a few different species of birds there. Here are some of them.

The Australian White Ibis.  Quite the scavenger wherever humans hang out.

The short-billed (or Little) Corella. Very noisy birds when in flocks together.

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Sulphur Crested Cockatoo

Quite cheeky and comical birds to watch, I was delighted to get it showing its crest open. This cocky had been watching me as I put out feed for the rosellas and thought it would join in for a period of time before taking off. And, as you’ll see in the third shot, it even let me get quite close.

Sulphur-crested Cockatoo

Sulphur-crested Cockatoo

Sulphur-crested Cockatoo

Sulphur-crested Cockatoo

The colour white

Everywhere you look in our garden at the moment, there is the colour white. Don’t know if this was by design of the previous owners of our home, or by accident.

Our plum tree is going to burst into blossom very soon. We’ve been watching it every day as we open our bedroom curtains. At first it looked like little bright lights all over the tree but now they’re softening and gaining colour.

Plum tree about to blossom

I planted lots of bulbs last year and now Snowbells are popping up here and there.


The daisy bush seems to be in flower nearly all the time.

229-366 White Daisies

And these are actually very tiny, around the size of a small coin. They pop up in the lawn reminding Graham it’s time to mow, but the ground is too sodden for him to take out his mower yet.

White Daisy

Don’t know what these are called, maybe someone can let me know? The bush is quite large.

228-366 Small white flower

Star Magnolia. I had to search online to find it. The flowers are unusual, not like a regular magnolia, but the tree is bare except for flowering buds just like other magnolia trees I’ve seen.

White flowering tree

New Holland Honeyeater

The New Holland Honeyeater have begun showing up in the garden again. They are mostly black and white, with a large yellow wing patch and yellow sides on the tail. It has a small white ear patch, a thin white whisker at the base of the bill and a white eye. This honeyeater is an active bird, and rarely sits still long enough to give an extended view. Sexes are similar in looks, but females are slightly smaller in size. It was among the first birds to be scientifically described in Australia. I wanted to get it backlit by the sun in this shot.

200-366 New Holland Honeyeater

More clouds

There’s a steep path up a hill that eventually leads you along the back fences of homes near the park and this was the view over one of the back fences with the palm trees in the foreground.

Clouds at Lysterfield Park

And I love this view by the 24 hour car park, looking away from the park, overlooking horse agistment paddocks. There were two tiny baby rabbits hopping around too while I was there but I didn’t get shots of them.

Clouds at Lysterfield Park