Puffing Billy Race 2015

It’s becoming an annual thing for me now, to photograph the Puffing Billy Race in May, here in Selby close to home. Last year I went to the Menzies Creek crossing and had to handle an umbrella while taking shots too, but this time round the weather was just perfect with a slight breeze and blue skies and fluffy clouds. So my husband, a colleague and I set up near the Trestle Bridge to watch the runners and the trains (two of them) pass by at the start of the race. Over 3,000 runners in this year’s event and the winner, Steve Kelly, beat the train, coming in at 42:47 mins. I believe the train was around 52 mins.  Always great to watch those who get involved.  Here are just a few shots from the race.

The first pack to come through.
Puffing Billy Race 2015

The first train comes through.
Puffing Billy Race 2015

Great to see the runners enjoying themselves.
Puffing Billy Race 2015

The second train after all the runners had passed through.
Puffing Billy Race 2015

More images can be seen here.

National Rhododendron Gardens

I went with a group of photographers last weekend to the Rhododendron Gardens in Olinda, Vic.  It was a wet day but it was beautiful there and we enjoyed the sights we saw.  Here are some of them.

Visiting the Rhododendron Gardens

A couple of the photographers I was visiting with enjoying one of the paths and scenery

Visiting the Rhododendron Gardens

We were in a cloud on the mountain and the mist just sat on us.

Visiting the Rhododendron Gardens

White-browed Scrub Wren

I was wandering around my neighbour’s yard and noticed a bird flitting around inside her hot house.  It has the door permanently open these days so the bird wasn’t trapped, but just was inside.  When I got closer I could see it was a bird I’d not captured with my camera before and I was delighted. It’s actually quite a small bird but I was delighted to get reasonable closeups of it.

According to BirdsinBackyards.net:

The White-browed Scrubwren is the most common and widespread of Australia’s five species of scrubwren. Its range extends from northern Queensland, in a broad coastal band through South Australia to the mid Western Australian coast, and Tasmania.
The White-browed Scrubwren lives in rainforest, open forest, woodland and heaths. It is usually seen in pairs, low down in the thick vegetation.

Whitebrowed Scrubwren

Whitebrowed Scrubwren

Popular with dogs too

Regular visitors at Birdsland Reserve include dogs and their owners. Quite a variety of dogs and most are very happy looking and obviously love their time at the park. I’m tempted to do a study of the dogs there 🙂 Here are a small selection of them.

Zoe the dalmation

Happy dogs at the park

And this one was taken in much warmer weather.

Dog enjoys the water

And this is Ned who goes totally psycho whenever he sees me. Very happy dog.


Winter flowers

With winter upon us, the garden was looking drab there for a bit. We had to clear up a lot of dead and wet leaves on the pathways and driveway, but now they’ve been cleared up, the garden is looking more defined, and as we’ve really begun looking at the garden again, we can see colour is reappearing. We have bulbs popping up everywhere and I look forward to seeing them bloom forth in flower. In the meantime, I thought I’d share with you, some of what we can already see.


Helleborus (Winter Rose)

Yellow Rose