Kangaroo and Joey

This post is for the benefit of my overseas friends and followers.  While not all Australians get to see this site regularly I’m very blessed to live in an area where I can see kangaroos in the wild (well, it’s a national park) and get relatively close to them – close enough to photograph them.  I remain wary and watchful, they are wild animals after all and can be unpredictable, but all the same these ones are used to seeing humans in their territory on a regular basis.

Eastern Grey Kangaroo and Joey in pouch. Love it!

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Big old boys

I went with a group on a photowalk at Lysterfield last Saturday and we came across, a couple of times, two big old boy eastern grey kangaroos. One member obviously hadn’t been that close to a kangaroo before and was concerned for their safety. I explained that as long as the kangaroo didn’t feel cornered and could see ways to move away from us, then we weren’t in danger. We just needed to give them space and time to make their decision to move away if they felt we were too close. In the meantime we were able to get some decent shots. For those of you keen to get close shots please be aware I was using a super zoom lens so the kangaroo looks closer than what it actually is and yes, I was a safe distance from it.

One shot is taken in the bushland and another on the beach at the park.

Large male Eastern Grey Kangaroo

Eastern Grey bounding

Young bucks at play

As I headed towards one of my favourite conservation walks at Lysterfield I noticed a group of young male eastern grey kangaroos at play.

Young Bucks at play

Young Bucks at play

Young Bucks at play


Eastern grey kangaroos

Meeting Mr Roo

I was walking along the conservation track at Lysterfield Park yesterday, enjoying the winter morning sunshine, a break from the rain we’d been having in the previous week.  As I neared the end of the track by the gates I was looking around, listening for bird sounds, when I suddenly heard heavy footsteps come to a sudden stop. I looked up, to find just on the other side of the gate a very large Eastern Grey Kangaroo who was probably as equally surprised at my presence in his pathway.  We stood and looked at each other for a few moments. He was very tall, over 6ft and I’m only 5’2.  His nose quivered as he sniffed the air looking at me and I spoke to him and asked if I could take his picture? Which I did, of course, then I asked him if I was in his way? Silly question, of course I was!  I stepped to the side so I was by the fence and away from the gateway and he took his chance to continue forward on his way, bounding across the pathway and into the bush.  I met a lady later that morning who told of her walk and fear of being amongst the kangaroos as many were bounding towards her and around her.  I considered how I would have poised my camera and merrily snapped away had it been me 🙂

Male Eastern Grey Kangaroo - big boy

A closeup of the big boy.

Male Eastern Grey Kangaroo - big boy

And as he bounded away. I didn’t have my sun hood on my camera which meant the sun did affect this image.

Out for Breakfast

While I was out walking with my brother-in-law at Lysterfield Lake Park we saw several family groups of Eastern Grey Kangaroos, some with joeys in their pouches. I think it’s cute how the joeys stick their heads out of the pouch to get a feed too 🙂

Eastern Grey Kangaroo and Joey