And more birds from Lilydale Lake Park

And here are some more, a couple of water birds and a tiny wren.

Superb fairy-wren. Think this was a male.

White-faced Grey Heron. It watched me carefully, trying to weigh up whether to fly off or continue foraging. I moved away and left it in peace after I got a couple of shots.

Female Darter bird.

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Visit to Lilydale Lake

I went to Lilydale Lake the other day and had a wander around the lake. Had a huge white bird fly over my head from behind me. Wish I knew it was coming otherwise I would have been ready to take shots but I didn’t. 🙁 Was looking the other way.  Below is a Darter bird, sometimes referred to as a Snake bird because of the way it snakes its head around on its long neck.  They do dive under water but then hold their wings out to dry as you can see below.  I hadn’t realised quite how big they were until I was able to get these close up shots taken between some bushes. The bird was aware I was there but was fairly well hidden away in a small inlet of water and bushes. Most people walking on the nearby path wouldn’t have noticed it. It was only because I saw the pale colour amongst the trees and went for closer inspection.

Darter Bird

355-366 Darter Bird

Darter Bird

Holiday Season – Lilydale Lake Park

Looking further in the Dandenong Ranges and moving towards the Yarra Valley, you’ll find the Lilydale Lake and Park.  Lovely place to take your family.  Room to play games, to go for walks or runs, to watch the multitude of birdlife there or just enjoy the serenity of the place.

Lilydale Lake

Darter (Anhinga melanogaster) or Snake Bird

Swallow enjoying the morning sun

Lilydale Lake park

The Darter Bird

At Lysterfield Lake yesterday, it was very still and calm first thing in the morning. I wandered around to see what might be different – who or what was visiting the lake? I found a Darter bird (sometimes referred to as the Snake bird because of how it snakes its head on its long neck) at the end of the ramp at the lake. This one is a male with the black body.

Darter bird and friend

Later I spied it (or another one) skimming across the lake as I ventured out onto one of the jetties to view the scenery.

Darter bird skims the lake

Darter bird skims the lake