Superb Lyrebird

I’ve been trying to get a shot of one of these for over a year now.  The best I got was a distant shot a couple of months ago when I saw one on a path many metres away from me. But today, as I walked back down the pathway to 1000 steps in Upper Ferntree Gully, I was watching for all the small birds I’d been seeing when I saw quite a large bulk moving in the rainforest beside the path. It didn’t take me long to realise it was a lyrebird and I got my camera into position to get photos.  The light was dark and I couldn’t find the right setting so, in the end, I resorted to my on camera flash, not something I do often.  I thought, well at least I’ll get one bright shot before it takes off.  It stayed and kept foraging on the ground and periodically lifted its head to look at me.  I got more rear-end shots than head shots but was pleased with what I did get.  I know where to go back and look again now!

Tail feathers of a Superb Lyrebird Foraging

Superb Lyrebird Foraging

215-365 Superb Lyrebird Foraging

The lyrebird is famous for being able to imitate the sounds of other birds.  I managed to get a couple of recordings last week when I could hear a couple but couldn’t see them. However, they weren’t going through their repertoire as in other times I’ve heard them.  This recording is of a single lyrebird.

One Lyrebird singing by kathiemt

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