This is my 1,000th post! Can’t believe it. Seems like I should make a celebration of it. I’ll give away a print to a commentor on this post – so you have to be in it for a chance to win it! So please leave a comment relating to sunsets – and the reason why you should win!

In the meantime, here are a couple of shots taken at sunset from or near my home.

Sunset in our backyard

This was taken up the road (hill) through a gap between two properties.

48-365 Sunset in Selby 2


  1. Why I love sunsets…
    No one sunset is the same. New colours, painted through the sky in a different way every time.
    It signifies the end of a day but it also signifies that a new beginning is just around the corner.
    I love sunset because it is one of the most beautiful displays of Gods creativity.

  2. Congratulations on your 1000 post, Kathie! I love sunsets, too, though I tend to shoot more sunrises. Something about that quiet time in the morning before the world is awake. Hope your leg is healing fast so you can get out and shoot again.

  3. Kathie Thomas says:

    Well ladies, there were just the two of you, and no-one else, so if you both want to get in touch with me, I’ll organise for a print to get out to you each. Thanks for participating.

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