Sunrise at Kallista

I could see it was going to be a beautiful crisp, very fresh morning a couple of days ago so planned to drive up to Kallista, 10 mins away from home, so I could watch the sunset. The grass in the paddocks had that silvery sheen to it, almost frost, but not quite. I was glad I had brought my woollen jacket with me to wear but couldn’t put my gloves on as I wanted to use my camera.

I was rewarded with a beautiful sunrise, despite there being no clouds around and the valleys below were shrouded in fog. The locals (some cows) watched me intently as I went about snapping shots of the beautiful view before me. Here are a couple of shots from that morning. Note the golden glow over the house and its property. This place sold a year or two ago at over the million dollar mark – the view would certainly be worth that I reckon! It was looking in the direction of the first shot below.

Sunrise at Ridge Road, Kallista

164-366 House with a million dollar view


  1. That’s a really nice place, could please tell me the accurate address. Thanks so much

  2. I found the place, that’s so beautiful. I’d like to introduce my friends to have a visit.

    • Hi,
      This is a really nice place for viewing sunrises. Could you provide the coordinates? Thanks.

  3. Kathie Thomas says:

    Ridge Road, Kallista. Just before you get to the lookout on the right, past the last house on the left.

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