Quarrelling Rosellas

The crimson rosellas have lots of juveniles out now. We see them in the garden on a regular basis. They love to quarrel over the feeder or any seed they spill on the ground. Below is an adult on the feeder and then two juveniles having a bit of a squabble over the feeder. They are probably the most ‘common’ bird we see in our garden. Rosellas are a part of the parrot family. We have a lot of eucalypts and other trees that produce seeds or nuts so the birds are attracted to these trees anyway. We use the feeder when I want to be able to get shots of the birds or to observe them more closely.

Crimson Rosella on feeder

Juvenile Rosellas fighting over the feeder


  1. That are some fantastic photography.

  2. Sally K Witt says:

    Great shots!

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