On the end of the Pier


I startled this cormorant as I came to the end of the pier but was able to grab a couple of shots before it flew off.



  1. Debbie Stevens says:

    This is such a good shot, it truly looks like you’ve found another career!
    Please keep sharing, I am LOVING IT! 🙂

    I wonder, in the later end of this month…..maybe find a freesis??

  2. Gee thanks Debbie. I am enjoying it I tell you! Can’t wait to do Canada next month. I’ll look out for Freesias – they were my Grandmother’s favourite flowers and she used to have them growing. So fragrant!

  3. Hi
    Cool website with amazing photographs. Found you with Yahoo 😉
    Have a nice day
    Urs /aka Wys

  4. Kathie says:

    Thanks for dropping by Wysterior – you take some good shots too!

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