New site set up

For months now I’ve been exploring different sites offered for photographers to show their photos and sell them.

The majority of the sites were hosted in the US or UK and there are a couple here in Australia.

What I was looking for is a service that does the following:

  • Provides digital download on order
  • Provides a variety of print options on order
  • Payment made in AUD
  • Printing in Australia
  • External hosting of my images so my own server isn’t overloaded

The sites I found did a combination of some of these things but not all five.  My main criteria was digital download AND local printing, so I’ve made a decision to set up my own site using WordPress, manually handle the ordering process, payments are linked to Paypal and I can organise the delivery of digital files.  The majority of images are hosted by a photogallery service called  I also plan to offer some other product options soon too.

I might add, had I lived in the UK or USA then most of the other services I found would have suited me to around 90%.  It was the fact that I couldn’t get local printing done and/or payments made in AUD that were the deciding factors.

So, the end result is  I invite you to pop in and have a look and let me know what you think.


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