More winter flowers

We’re starting to get a few flowers out now as winter progresses. I’m excited about this as I wanted to build up colour in my garden, all year round, and am finally beginning to achieve this.

The orchids were hidden under the ginger plant and had thrown out a very long stalk just to get some sunshine, poor things. I’ve now cut back the ginger plant to give it more light.

This orange Asiatic Lily is a new addition to our garden and now has two flowers out, but only one when I took this pic.
201-366 Asiatic Lily

The Hellebores (Winter Rose) was already in the garden when we shifted here. We now have a white one in flower also and I’m waiting for a darker one to flower.
Hellebores (Winter Rose)

This Hardenbergia Violacea is also a new addition to our garden. I want it to grow prostrate across the garden and help fill up gaps and shut out weeds. I’ve since noticed some people down the road have it growing as a creeper along their fence, both the white variety and the purple one.
Hardenbergia violacea


  1. Sally K Witt says:

    Must not get very cold in winter to have such exotic flowers!

  2. Kathie Thomas says:

    Well, we don’t get snow where we are. We’re about 750+ feet above sea level here. Snow falls further up the mountains from us but not where we live. However, it does get very cold, although rarely below 0C at night. These are all winter flowers. You would get winter flowers where you are, wouldn’t you?

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