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I belong to the Australian Photography Forum and have learnt so much from the members there. I love sharing my photos and seeing theirs but the forum extends much further beyond photo sharing.  Recently a member asked what podcasts we listen to and I suddenly had an ‘aha’ moment. It had never even occurred to me to look for podcasts about photography.  I’m a visual person and enjoying looking and reading. I do have the local radio station on in the background all day long as I work but I hadn’t thought of having anything educational in the form of podcasts running.  I do need to concentrate on my work and the music and banter in the background doesn’t require me to tune in unless I want to.

However, it did prompt me to look for photography blogs that might have some educational value to them and here’s what I found.

Photography blog

Fashion Photography blog

Photography Podcast

Dave Fry’s Picture of the day

The longest way home

Enjoy viewing, reading and listening!


  1. Beautiful Photo’s love both bird photos. Very good composition and center of interest.

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