New Year, new things

Been awhile since I’ve written a post here but that’s because I’ve been busy elsewhere. I’m slowly building a following at Instagram and also have another website dedicated to garden photography. Growing the stock library there does take some time to do but it’s getting there. And I also have an Instagram account for that one too. 

I entered the Australian Photographer of the Year in 2016 and while I didn’t win a prize, I did receive a ‘commended’ for my portfolio in the nature category, and since there were over 8,000 images and 2,000 portfolios entered, it means I did quite well. I just found out this week and am thrilled with the news – I will be entering again later this year in the hope of improving on that. Below is one of the images from that portfolio of a cheeky kookaburra who stole our big goldfish from our pond last year. We were not impressed but I couldn’t let the photo op go past, now could I? My camera was already in my hand.

Locally, where I live, a new camera club started in the latter half of 2016 and we were meeting monthly in Emerald but this year will be meeting fortnightly. Our first meeting is this Thursday at the U3A building near the oval if you’re interested in photography and would like to join in. You can find out details about the club here.



Beautiful Bower Bird

I knew these hung around but I’d never been able to get really close to them. Imagine my surprise when three flew into our front garden recently, when I already had my camera in hand and was looking out the window! This one flew into the liquidamber opposite the window and watched me, the other two flew into other parts of the garden.

I believe this is a juvenile bower bird. Love the blue eyes!

Satin Bower Bird

Satin Bower Bird

If you’d like to take photos like this too, and can be in Victoria 20-21 September, why not join us at the Steve Parish Nature Photography workshop? Bookings are still open but not for too much longer!

Sunrise from my office window

Love working at home. I get to watch the sun rise through my office window each morning, see the birds in the garden and watch the foot and car traffic pass by.

This sunrise happened a few days ago. I grabbed my camera as quickly as I could to race outside and get a clear shot. Gorgeous, isn’t it?

Misty Sunrise in Selby

Living on the willow tree

Of course, it’s not just insects that like the willow tree and make use of it. There are birds as well, and our cats, and fungus. It really has a life of its own.

Toki loves to climb the tree.
Toki in the Willow

The kookaburras find it a great place to sit while worm watching.
Kookaburra in the Willow Tree

The eastern spinebill use it as a place to survey the land
Eastern Spinebill in a willow tree

And fungus grows on it too. I have a feeling this is where the tree cracked and broke eventually.
Fungus on our Willow Tree

Willow Tree Close up

Have you ever looked really close at a willow tree? I hadn’t, until we shifted to our home where an old one presides at the back of our home. Amazing tree really. And you wouldn’t guess what actually lives on it at different times of the year. I was surprised!

I bet you are too. I haven’t yet worked out what lives in these.
Shell on the willow

Shell on the willow

And it’s not just the bees that enjoy the flowers.
The ant and willow flower