Butterfly House, Melbourne Zoo

I had never seen a stick insect this large before

Stick Insect


  1. Interesting… and fat – if indeed a stuck insect! Seems sorta like a praying mantis that stuck its (claw?) in a power socket 😉

  2. lol, that’s funny. Yes it does seem to be on steroids or something doesn’t it?

  3. Bill Hepner says:

    I believe the “stick insect” is a cocoon. If you ever get to Victoria Island in BC Canada you must stop at the Butterfly House on the way to the gardens.

  4. I believe it’s an Australian or Giant Spiny Stick Insect Bill and not a cocoon. Definitely an insect, has legs, face, etc and was moving around. Very similar to the one at http://www.amentsoc.org/insects/caresheets/stick-insects.html except it was green and not brown.

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