Business cards for photographers

If you are into photography, as I am, at some point you will have either already thought about, or will now you’ve read this post, getting a business card designed.  My first photography business card came from Vistaprint and I liked the design so much that I had a graphic designer do a similar style with my own images when I was ready to update.  All the photos are mine and most reflect the region I live in.  The brigher side is the front and the lighter side the back.  Means I can write on it, or the recipient can.
My business card

I thought that if you’re looking for ideas you might like to see what others have done. Some choose to use their photos on their cards and others choose not to.

This one and others was listed at

Wedding Photography Business Card

This one and others at the Mooblog.

me by moo

And 12 different ideas about cards at


And if you’re still not sure there is a great book to read about business cards by Ivan Misner called It’s In The Cards’ – great for all sorts of ideas, not just for photographers.

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