The lakes at Blue Lotus

There were a variety of lakes there, large and small. Some just had one colour of water plants and others had a variety. This is the last of this series. Make a note to visit this beautiful garden at the end of the year or early next year, if you’re in the area. They also have a nursery and cafe, and gift shop. Really worthwhile visit!

The birds at Blue Lotus Water Garden

The birds were mostly elusive but there were some that came out to play. Some of the photography group that went with me got a lot more images of birds but here are some I saw whilst visiting there.

This is Freddie, as named by the owners of the garden. He’s a regular visitor there, although it sounds to me he actually lives there, rather than visits :-)

Pied cormorant

Gang Gang Cockatoos. Wished they were closer for a better look at them.

Grey fantail

Eurasian coot takes a walk


The Lotus Pod

The Lotus Pod has been used for medicinal purposes, flower arrangements, the seeds are edible and the stamens can be dried and used for making tea. I had no idea you could do all those things with the Lotus. Not to be mistaken with the water lily which is quite different

The bridges at Blue Lotus

There was an interesting array of bridges across the various lakes at the Blue Lotus Water Garden.

This one led across the longest stretch of water.

Red is a colour they use a lot and I found the blue posts an interesting choice combination.

And a place to sit and just enjoy the environment.

The Lotus and Water Lily

I went on a recent photo walk with a group of photographers to the Blue Lotus Water Garden, near Yarra Junction in Victoria, Australia. They are only open 3 months of the year, from Boxing Day to the first week of April. My husband and I first discovered this garden in January after seeing an advert for it in the Gardening Australia magazine. We loved it and so I decided to take a group of photographers from Meetup to this beautiful garden, before it closed. Below are some photos of the different lotus and water lily flowers seen there. Here is a small selection of flowers I saw on my most recent visit to this beautiful garden.