Young Siberian Husky pup

Over the weekend our youngest daughter visited and she was also babysitting a friend’s young pup, approx 7 weeks old. A gorgeous Siberian Husky.  Pity they don’t stay that way forever 🙂  One of our cats didn’t take too kindly to him and was going to have him for supper we thought, but we managed to prevent anything happening.  Here he is in the arms of our daughter and also looking to see where the cat had gone – totally oblivious to the danger he’d been in.


Roque and Angie

Roque - where'd that cat go?


  1. This is a beautiful dog. My stepson had one but it finally had to be put down over the weekend with old age. They are so sleek and graceful!

  2. OMG he is gorgeous. I love love love him already. Our puppies are nearly 10 months old and I expected that my heart would break when they grew up, but I’m happy that there are no accidents in the house and they’re still super fun – just huge and strong and heavy (still like to be in my lap).

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