Winter flowers

We’re in the last part of winter now. By all accounts it’s been a very wet winter here in Victoria, Australia and quite cold too. Graham hasn’t been able to mow the lawns as the ground is so sodden, his ride-on mower would sink.

This morning it was still only 6C at 8am and walking outside the grass has a white look to it, although it’s not frost. I’ve heard much of Melbourne is covered in fog but here in the hills we’re above the clouds and have a clear blue sky and sunshine. Beautiful!

The Hellebores, or Winter Rose as it’s sometimes called, is in full bloom and our daffodils are springing up and starting to form flower heads.  They should be a real picture soon.

Daffodils getting ready to flower

225-366 Hellebores


  1. Great to have your photos back in my morning inbox. Hope daughter is doing well. Helen T

  2. I love the fact that you have flowers in the winter!!! beautiful.
    Sending healing thoughts to your daughter!


  3. Sally K Witt says:

    We don’t have winter flowers where we are Kathie. Just when spring starts. I assumed that it much be warmer in your area in the winter, but when I looked up the weather it doesn’t seem that warm in winter.

    How is your daughter doing?



  4. Kathie Thomas says:

    It never occurred to me you wouldn’t have flowers in winter. We do have very cold winters and it does snow in areas not very far from where we are. We’re not quite high enough for snow. But there are frosty mornings and overnight can get down to 0 and in areas north of us below 0. But we have trees, bushes and plants that do flower this time of year – not as much as we get in Spring, but we do get flowers. Azaleas, daisies, proteas, wattle, camelias, daphne, lilies and others too.

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