The bridges at Blue Lotus

There was an interesting array of bridges across the various lakes at the Blue Lotus Water Garden.

This one led across the longest stretch of water.

Red is a colour they use a lot and I found the blue posts an interesting choice combination.

And a place to sit and just enjoy the environment.

Water at the botanical gardens

There are several water features at the botanical gardens in Cranbourne and they’re artistic and beautiful to view.

A Tale of Two Pelicans

While at Birdsland Reserve earlier this week I saw, for the first time, two very large Pelicans gliding through the water. Absolutely gorgeous to watch. And then when they got to one section, one hopped up on a dead branch but the other pecked its tail to get it to move. The first jumped down and moved around the dead branches and the second jumped up rather clumsily to the same spot. Then the first found a new spot and together they groomed themselves. Seems even in the world of Pelicans there is a pecking order.

A Tale of Two Pelicans

More to see at the lake

Here are just a few more images from the lake last week.

I’ve got my eye on you!

I'm watching you

Duck trails

Duck trails

Would love to get a close up of this bird. Maybe one day. It’s a Musk Duck. There are two of them currently at the lake. Hope that means some young ones too!

Musk duck

Birdlife on the river

What’s a river if it hasn’t got birdlife? Seagulls (one has lost a foot), Pied Cormorant and a goose that I think was lost. It was honking forlornly on the river and I watched it as it passed under the bridge. I wonder where it came from? It didn’t seem to belong there.



Pied Cormorant

Goose in the river